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Ghosts and Other Tales are a series of books, published through Amazon. There are three short sampler editions – Abandon Hope, Ghosts and The Wedding Invitation – and a book length edition Ghosts and Other Tales. These will be released through 2018, with the book coming out in October.

They are set in and around the Yorkshire Dales, and are very much rooted in the landscapes and people of Craven. In many ways, they are not conventional ghost stories. They do not set out to “scare” in a Hollywood way. I’m interested in the idea of being haunted: this could be by one’s past; by outsiders who make people question; by those glimpses out of the corner of the eye; by loneliness; by history or by phobias. Grief and grieving is at the heart of many of the stories. They are particularly human and humane tales. They are short tales. They focus on an event, on a detail or on a character. They are specific to a time, and place and an individual.

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