“On the moors, with the wind blowing strong from the west, rain showers gusting through you, it is possible to feel vulnerable, isolated, with your frailties laid bare. But loneliness… loneliness is something you carry within. The towns and villages, teeming with summer tourists, are as lonely a place as the wildest peak.”

Ghosts and Other Tales is a collection of twenty five short tales, based in and around the Yorkshire Dales. They are tales of the rivers, the moors, the villages and the woodlands of this unique and beautiful place.

These are tales of hauntings: hauntings of grief, memory, home, loss, history, society as much as of the supernatural. The Dales are a deeply human landscape, and these tales reflect that humanity. There is wildness – raw and Gothic- in this land. But there is beauty too. Beauty and love.


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