The Black Cat and the Crossroads


I have three cats, a white princess (Pixie), a black tom (Rikki) and the symbol cat who accompanies Rikki. I didn’t ask for this third creature at the rescue centre. He came as a free extra. All black cats have them. I didn’t realize this at the time. Cats are cats, or so I thought. It turns out this isn’t the case. Black cats have history, myth, legends. You can’t escape them. I never had this with my previous, tortoiseshell, nor does Pixie come so burdened. Rikki, though, is special. He is different. He is beautiful, richly storied. He is a Black Cat. And as everyone should know, unequivocally, Black is Beautiful.

Essay and Merch

Click the image of Rikki below to take you to the short illustrated essay “The Black Cat and the Crossroad”:

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The Black Cat

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