Quotes Towards a Non-Self Character Novel

Fragmented Self,image from the novel Unfinished Paintings
Fragmented Self – ink on paper by Gavin Jones

Quote 1: Buddha – Anattalakkhana Suta, Samyutta Nikaya XXII

“Thus monks, any body whatsoever – past, future, or present; internal or external; blatant or subtle, common or sublime, far or near: every body is to be seen as it actually is, with right discernment as: ‘This is not mine. This is not my self. This is not what I am.'”

‘Quotes Towards a Non-Self Character Novel’ is a series of short image/text forerunners for the novel “Unfinished Paintings”, released June 25th. If you wish to reserve a signed copy, then email me on art@gavinrjones.co.uk

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