Diary Transcription No.2

A Conversation – ink on paper: Gavin Jones

Transcript excerpt from my audio diary, May 1999

“I’m in Satsuma restaurant, just around the corner from Old Compton Street. Last Friday… a week ago, in fact… the bomb went off. I’m eating a veggie bento box and outside at the moment there’s a service going on to the people who died… there are people crying… people hugging… it’s a coming together.
Last week I came out of work and… I stopped at the end of Old Compton Street and decided – rather than going to the record shops down in SoHo (which I’d been planning on doing all day) – I would go into Blackwells bookshop on Charing Cross Road… when I came out, people were running… their faces…. the bomb had gone off while I shopped… I didn’t really know what had happened, not until I got home and heard the news.
It is a strange thing, to be sat eating my lunch, watching folk so upset. Things will never be the same for a lot of people.”

This post is the latest in a series of image/quote pieces introducing concepts and themes in the novel ‘Unfinished Paintings’ (released June 25th). If you wish to order a signed copy of the book, email me at art@gavinrjones.co.uk

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